Empowering interventionalists to go anywhere
Empowering interventionalists to go anywhere

Total navigation with Bendit microcatheter

The Bendit microcatheter is unique in the interventional neuroradiology field – a truly torqueable microcatheter with a steerable controlled tip. Thanks to the 360° rotating tip, the need to reshape another microcatheter is decreased, potentially saving procedure time and reducing radiation exposure, as well as enabling quick and accurate Carotid access, and precise and stable distal treatment in tortuous vasculature. 

Have total control
Bendit offers interventional physicians total freedom of movement in micro-atheterization. With 1:1 proximal to distal torque mirroring and a 180° rotating distal tip, Bendit allows access to even the most tortuous vasculature.

Reach further
Bendit’s 360° clinician controlled movement and 180° distal tip deflection allows access even to areas that were previously hard to reach to micro-catheterization. This game changing development is particularly impactful for neurologic interventions through tortuous and calcified blood vessels.

Do more with less
Bendit’s unique structure allows physicians to streamline their procedures. With fantastic pushability, Bendit can be used even without a guidewire, saving precious minutes of treatment time. Engage the lock-to-treat mechanism, then use the internal lumen as a working chanel.

Unique Features

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