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Empowering interventionalists to go anywhere

Advancing microcatheters

The Bendit microcatheters make intuitive navigation into every blood vessel possible. Used to both diagnose and treat, Bendit allows doctors to inject diagnostic and therapeutic materials into the vessels of organs such as the liver, spleen, and brain.

Reduced procedure time. Accelerated therapy. Better outcomes.

Ergonomic design allows one-hand operation

3D micronavigation that empowers you to go wherever you want. With no time wasted.

Locking system

The system automatically locks the microcatheter when the button is in neutral position and keeps it steady and stable when the tip is precisely positioned to deliver treatment.

Steering slider

Sliding the button forward and backward deflects the tip up to 180 degrees and straightens it back to position.

Torque Knob

Gentle turns move the tip left and right, rotating the tip up for bi-directional “mirrored” torqueability.

Endovascular Interventions


Our microcatheters may be used to diagnose and treat diseases of the central nervous system, head, neck, and spine.


Bendit’s navigational microcatheters could be used to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system.


Interventional cardiology reduces coronary artery blockages, corrects valvular heart disease, and stops heart attacks.