When every second is another life…
choose Bendit
When every second is another life…
choose Bendit

In neurology, every second delay is crucial. Bendit steerable microcatheters let you do more, fast. Saving precious seconds and the lives that come with them.

Do more with Bendit

The Bendit microcatheter is unique in the interventional neuroradiology field – a truly torqueable microcatheter with a steerable controlled tip. Thanks to the 360° rotating tip, the need to reshape another microcatheter is decreased, potentially saving procedure time and reducing radiation exposure, as well as enabling quick and accurate Carotid access, and precise and stable distal treatment in tortuous vasculature. 

  • Enjoy unmatched flexibility while maintaining the Nitinol torsional stability for a high torque response
  • Navigate tortuous small vessels without needing to exchange guide wires and pre-shaped catheters
  • Have the stability needed for delivery of coils, intrasaccular devices, and stents with the shape-accurate locked tip, without ‘kick-back’  
  • Experience full selective positioning within aneurysms with the fine tip control
  • Autraumatic tip

Examples of Indications for Interventional Neuroradiology:

  • Acute ischemic stroke (AIS) 
  • Cerebral angiography
  • Intracranial aneurysms
  • Wide neck aneurysm
  • Head & neck, brain tumors

Case study

Catheterization of the Right PCA

Bendit enabled catheterization of the right PCA  that originated from the aneurysmal sac in this 75 year old patient. The Bendit microcatheter was able to deploy a second stent to permit Y stenting and coiling.

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