Clinical & Pre- Clinical Case Studies
Clinical & Pre- Clinical Case Studies

Carotid Access with the Bendit21 – No Guidewire (Dr. Monika Killer-Oberpfalzer, Christian Doppler Clinic Salzburg, Austria)

Breast Cancer – ‘Inject Contrast As You Go’ with the Bendit 2.7 (Dr. Robert Rosen, Lenox Hill Hospital, NY)

Liver Mapping with FDA cleared Bendit 2.7 (Dr. Rahul Patel, Mount Sinai Hospital New York, USA)

Crossing a giant Basilar Tip Aneurysm with the Bendit21 (Dr. David Orion, Tel Hashomer Hospital Tel Aviv, Israel)

Time was running out for a 75 year old patient with a giant basilar tip aneurysm as his condition rapidly deteriorated.  Previous attempts at endovascular Y stenting and coiling embolization failed due to inability to access and catheterization of the PCA vessels coming out of the aneurysm sac. 

Bendit was able to do what other microcatheters had failed to achieve. Thanks to Bendit an attempt to catheterize the right PCA  that originated from the aneurysmal sac was successful. The Bendit microcatheter was able to deploy a second stent to permit Y stenting and coiling.

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