A 360º revolution in
A 360º revolution in

Freedom in Navigation

When the seconds matter, Bendit gives clinicians complete control. Experience the unique flexibility of real 3D controlled torque and 180° distal tip deflection, together with lock-to-treat stability.

Endovascular Interventions

Radiology & Oncology

Save precious seconds with the Bendit microcatheter. Adjust the flexible distal tip to selectively target blood vessels and deliver diagnostic, emboly, or therapeutic materials.


Time is Brain – Bendit’s mirrored torquability, 180 degree deflection, and selective navigation capabilities, enable quick and accurate Carotid access, and precise and stable distal treatment in tortuous vasculature.


Maneuver even the most torturous vascular anatomy with the steerable Bendit microcatheter. Engage the lock-to-treat mechanism to ensure treatment precision.


Experience the ultimate steerable microcatheter with the high torque transmission and pushability needed to navigate through tortuous anatomy, combined with a distal soft atraumatic tip, and an available working channel.

180 tip deflection

1:1 Mirrored torquability

Lock -to-treat mechanism

Precise navigation with or without a guidewire

Maintaining stability in complex anatomy

Intuitive use & operation

News & Events

Due to complex vascular anatomy and unstable devices, intracranial vascular aneurysms can be a challenge to treat. While conventional microcatheters have a fixed, non-flexible shape, the Bendit steerable microcatheter maintains torsional rigidity combined with real-time bending and torquing capabilities that can be used without a guidewire.

Check out this article published in the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery to see how researchers used the Bendit microcatheters to successfully treat side-wall aneurysms in animal models


Revolutionizing neurovascular intervention, the Bendit21 emerges as a game-changer in complex endovascular procedures. Witness the power of precision — a captivating video series unveiling the successful navigation and treatment of challenging intracranial vascular lesions, using BendIt’s innovative technology. These seven procedures, previously deemed daunting, were conquered with finesse, thanks to the Bendit21’s superior navigability paired with steadfast stability.
 Watch now >> Bendit21 Experienc

Bendit’s steerable microcatheter with a controlled articulating tip is safe and complication-free… concluded this retrospective analysis review, published in Interventional Neuroradiology.

Researchers collected and analyzed patient information in 10 neuro-interventional endovascular procedures performed with Bendit 21.

For more information on this exciting review >> check out the article

“Clinical experience with the Bendit steerable microcatheter: a new paradigm for endovascular treatment” Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery

Clinical & Pre- Clinical Case Studies

Selective small branch Liver mapping – without a guidewire, using the Bendit2.7 (Dr. Patel, USA)

Giant basilar tip aneurysm access, PCA vessels coming out of aneurysm sac, using the Bendit21 (Dr. Orion, Israel).

Deployment of intrasaccular device using the Bendit21. Carotid Access and navigation done without a guidewire (Dr. Killer, Austria).

About Bendit

Bendit is at the forefront of developing navigational microcatheters with 3 dimensional, controlled steering,
 making seamless navigation into every blood vessel possible. Bendit innovates to equip clinicians
 with the tools they need to intuitively access targets in interventional medicine.

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